DIY or hire a pro

Paul Stevens

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Do you generally handle all the marketing yourself when it comes to getting your videos out there or do you typically hire a professional to run the marketing side of things?


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I'm just starting out, but I already know that I'll handle the marketing myself, mostly due to my limited budget. I've taken a couple of free Udemy marketing courses that I think will help me along. Hopefully.

The Aire

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I just do it myself Paul. I'm small potatoes and I'm not looking to get rich off of this at this point. I consider a good marketing campaign as simply posting my work in places where good number of people will see it.


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Hiring a pro will cost you money unless you are at a point where you are making enough money to hire one. I do the marketing myself, and there are tons of online classes to help with this.


I would hope that there are agents out there who would only charge a fee if they are successful in getting your video published, similar to a literary agent. Well, in an ideal world, that would be the case.


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There are many factors to consider before hiring a professional, and cost is one of them. I the beginning, you may have to handle the marketing yourself, either as a way to learn or to understand the market.


Hi @LifeCaptured I have had a look at Udemy since you mentioned it. It's so good that they have free courses, and some of the paid ones are not too expensive either. I may well give them a go.

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