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Communication skills are just one of the important things needed to become an efficient film director. It's difficult when you're unable to speak the language of one of the actors/actresses. The language barrier, especially now, is more likely with movies being starred in by different nationalities. Is it essential to have an interpreter?


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Any actor or actress, irrespective of their nationality, should be fluent in the language to be used in the movie. Either way, interpreters can be utilized when the need arises. Also, it would be advantageous if a director is multilingual.


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It can become awkward and misunderstandings may arise if people on the set can't explain their point to each other. It would be safer to have an interpreter but orientation before shootings are just as important to organize agendas.

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I support civility and political correctness 100%, but I would worry about making a mistake, having it documented, and being "canceled" for saying something insensitive because I didn't know any better. I would absolutely want an interpreter, and I'd make sure I educated myself as much as possible about the culture beforehand.

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