Determining Authenticity

Vid Syd

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Is there a conclusive way to determine if a picture with a "ghost" in it is real and not doctored? I was just wondering, because.....well......I WANT to believe. With all the technology we have, there must be something.

The Aire

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Professionals have ways of doing it. Ghosts, UFO's and other subjects where people can be very passionate about whether a photo has been doctored or not. There is a science to the process that is definitely used if the photo in question will be used in a court of law.

Markshot 12

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As a believer that the electronic resonances that people leave behind when they pass that we call "ghosts" do exist, I would like to believe they can be captured in a photograph.

To prove it, one would have to go beyond the typical detective work here and focus on how the image of the ghost compares to the rest of the shot.

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