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Culture Shot

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I think it's still subjective to decide on what the best camera is. Photographers and videographers will agree on this since they have different needs when it comes to their work. There are already many full-frame cameras, but one product always ends up being the better one. What features make a camera stand out?


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I always look for a camera that can shoot in a RAW format. I do a lot of editing, so that's a necessary feature.

I think "best" has a lot to do with your niche and budget. I wish more folks here would let us know how they will use the cam and what their budget is when asking about equipment. That said, I know I'm guilty too.


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I look for something that's easy to use. So many cameras have tiny screens and buttons. I struggle to work them without hitting the wrong button. Great question! I'll be following long for other replies, because I'm still fairly new to the industry.


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Deciding on the 'best' camera can be a dilemma because tastes and preferences vary. However, a good photographer can work with any professional camera. It mostly comes down to the budget and availability of a specific camera.

Markshot 12

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Aside from the subjectivity of tastes and preferences, the "best" camera is the one with the least amount of mechanical issues. Like vehicles. You may like Ford the best, but if Chevy has the least amount of issues, it's the best of the two.

Len S

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That may be true, but most people I know go with brand loyalty over functionality. If they have a personal history with a certain brand, they are more likely to overlook the imperfections in the functionality.

Culture Shot

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I'd always go for cameras that are easy to focus on a subject. It's a vital feature for me since the focus has a lot to do with producing quality. Choosing the ideal camera is similar to deciding on lenses. It depends on the need.


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It mostly comes down to the budget and availability of a specific camera.
Indeed, the budget will be a deciding factor for most people. There are many good cameras out there, but they seem like a rip-off in the long run. There's some regret there, especially when a new and better model comes out right after a new purchase.


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I agree with the other comments about the budget part. It's a huge factor when deciding what the "best" camera is. Most cameras these days ate versatile, but I would still consider what the purpose of it would be as well.

Lily Stew

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At least for all cameras, I'd opt to have one with a bigger sensor. I find that it's easier to control the focus over the image with this one. Having this feature will be good in emphasizing the subject.


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For me, it's the focus and all the mechanics related to that function. I have always had a hard time maintaining good focus. The best camera is the one that lets me not think about it.


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For me, it's the focus and all the mechanics related to that function.
Same here. I consider it one of the most valuable features for all kinds of photography niches. It's ideal for moving objects and also for the tiniest subjects. The details are just everything for any observer.

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