Dealing with Tough Topics in Your Writing


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How do you deal with difficult or emotional topics in your writing? For me, I love working with kids and I want to write a screenplay that's directed at kids. I want to use the screenplay (and the resulting short film) to teach kids about the importance of adopting animals from humane societies. I'm worried about tackling the euthanasia issue. Does anyone have advice on how to approach this?


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Keep it honest. Use words geared towards children, don't gloss over the facts but keep it short and to the point.

And use the word heaven. It softens the blow.


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With the way that social media works today, I'd be afraid of getting called out and having it destroy my business. I have no advice to give, but I wanted to show support and I applaud you for taking on a serious topic.

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Whatever the hot button topics are that may get you canceled, try to avoid them. Adopting animals is a great topic for kids. Make sure you include the importance of regular care.


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It will help if the film is animated and has cute graphics since this makes sensitive topics easier to digest. With the narrative, however, it'll be better to avoid code names. You'll have to use the words as is if you want them to understand.


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I sure do love tough topics. If it's about sharing that with kids, I think it's best to take note of your content and know what information you should keep and exclude.


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I think you could always use the good old "the dog was sent to a farm" story. I think small children will have a hard time dealing with euthanasia.


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Wow! That's a pretty sensitive topic. I remember when I was a kid and my dog had to "go to a farm". I was so sad just thinking I would never see her again, but I had no idea she had died. I think I would have been more miserable if I had known back then.

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