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Paul Stevens

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Is anyone watching the Josh Duggar trial? He was the oldest son on the "wholesome" TLC reality show, 19 Kids and Counting. He became a controversial figure after being outed for having molested some of his sisters and cheating on his wife. He's on trial right now, and I'm surprised at how some of the pros are covering it. I've noticed that the videographer for the Sun, can't get their names right. The Duggar boys do look similar, but I think you should either identify the name correctly, or simply use "brother" as the moniker. I'm also surprised that photos and videos of Josh's young children are being shown in the media. It crosses the line, in my opinion. What do you think?


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You're right, but I think viewers cross the line by wanting to see the kids that are involved. Typically, kids are left out of adult problems, but time seems to have changed for the worse.


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Yeah, there doesn't seem to be shame in anyone's game anymore. Anything goes. I guess the tabloids won because it seems everyone else is emulating their style and tactics.


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Honestly I have paid zero attention to this trial or anything related to this family. How very sad though if they are televising his children or the children that are involved.

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