Coping with Bad News


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I've been seeing disheartening news around me and have ended up unproductive because of it. Recent events have led me to think deeply about my plans for the future. I try to be rational, but I keep going back to overthinking. What's the best way to cope?

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I'm sorry to hear that, TruthSeeker. I've had to stop watching the news for a while. It's just too depressing, especially with the attack on Ukraine going on. Turning the news off has really helped my mental health lately.


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I use websites like 7 Cups and Happify when I need a boost. I hope things turn around for you soon, TruthSeeker. The news can be so toxic, and so can social media. I recommend giving both of those a break.

Lily Stew

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Yeah, a lot of things are heavy now that it got me searching for what to do in these situations. It's inevitable to get worried, but too much of it isn't healthy anymore. Try exercising from time to time.

Martin Riley

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I talk to friends, or I go outside for a hike when I'm feeling anxious. Sometimes reading a good book is another great way to escape for a few minutes.

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