Combine phones somehow or what?

Martin Riley

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I'm currently carrying around a business mobile phone and a personal mobile phone. I hate keeping up with two phones. Is there a way to combine the two? How do you guys do it?


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I use my cell number as my professional contact. I use Google Voice (free) as my personal contact information. I route the calls to go directly to my cell. That way I'm only carrying around one phone, and I'm not paying a fortune for the privilege.

Fairytale Studios

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Look for a phone that allows for dual SIM cards. I have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, but there are several more choices on the market that will work.

Culture Shot

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I use a single phone for everything. My way of organizing things would be arranging the applications according to their type. Emails and messenger apps are grouped similarly with software for video conferences. It makes it easier to focus on the task at hand.

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