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I was looking at some restored photo's earlier today. They were roughly 80 to 100 years old and had been restored from black and white photo's to color. It was kind of neat until I got to one that was of a Russian P.O.W. after they were freed, and his arm was up and pointing to a captured German SS officer who was one of the brutal, sadistic ones.

Seeing that in color gave it more of a realism than a black and white photo will do. Have you seen any photo's like this?


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Do you know how they did it? Was it just based off of historical knowledge or something else? I find the idea fascinating. Sometimes black and white does a better job of drawing attention to the person's facial expressions, but I agree that color makes the image feel more real.


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I did see something like that in the past. Call me old school if you want, but I really love black and white photos and wouldn't want to change them into color ones.


I can see how it would matter in that instance. It probably would make the "story" seem more real and relatable. I still dig black and white photos though. I think it naturally places more emphasis on the subject's emotions.


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I've been seeing photos on the internet that have been colorized. Comparing the pictures, the colored ones personally give me a deeper realization of how much has happened. It kinda makes me reflect.


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Is it only me that finds more realism in black and white photos, especially the historical ones? However, I am keen on knowing the various techniques often used to add color. Is there a link to the image in question?


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For me, seeing pictures in black and white cultivates greater meaning because it's like a reminder of how long things have happened. But colorized photos have their own impact of saying that such things are human and are not so different from me.

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