Clients With Little Knowledge


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Do you ever feel like you understand the market better than your client? I have recently had a client who was so stubborn, he didn't want to hear any suggestions for modifications. I am no marketing expert, but I happen to know quite a lot about his niche; however, he wouldn't hear it. But hey, a job is a job I guess, right?
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Wow! it must be annoying to work with someone like that. I don't really like people who never accept that they are wrong, it makes it a real pain to work with them.


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There are many ways a client can be wrong, but only one way a payment can be wrong: Counterfeit.

Make sure a payment will go through and just perform the service they want.


I can imagine how it would be almost impossible to work with someone like that, but hey, they are paying so just pretend to agree with what they want.

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That stinks for sure. I've dealt with that a lot. Sometimes the client listens and we make a beautiful product. Sometimes it doesn't go quite so great. I say do what they ask for and move on.


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The only part that bothers me, is that the client might bad-mouth me in the end if the results don't pan out. Even if it's the client's own fault (which will conveniently be left out, naturally).
That is a really good point, Paul. Word of mouth in this industry (or any other really) spreads out like a virus, and can be detrimental sometimes. Thanks for pointing that out!

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