Change in Angles


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The pandemic has taken a toll on the world as many lives were affected by it. There would be different situations in each country depending on the government's response. For better or worse, these experiences have no doubt influenced our perception. Gaining a new view of life may have also changed your style

How do you think has this influenced your angles when taking pictures?

Len S

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When you have to deal with the death of a loved one, it changes your view on life. It makes you appreciate it more and gives you more empathy for the living. This, in turn, should make you look at subjects in a light that will probably change what you take pictures of and why, and this should affect the outcome of the shot. What it looks like.

Vid Syd

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A good angle would be somewhere between a side shot and front shot of a person who lost a loved one to Covid.

They lost a part of themselves, and you can reflect that with the right angle.


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My viewpoint on what's amazing has changed when this pandemic happened. I'd usually take pictures of modernity, but now I seek subjects that have a raw and sincere vibe.

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