Canon EOS R5 best for filming

Paul Stevens

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The Canon EOS R5 is still selling like hotcakes and is one of Canon's most popular cameras. It gets praise for how it handles and for its stabilization abilities, but would go as far as to say that it tops all other mirrorless cameras? I have one and I agree that it takes stunning images, but the lenses are more expensive than I'd like. Where I think it truly shines though is in its recording abilities - with some caveats of course. It can handle 8K RAW with ease, but the files are poorly compressed. That means adding additional storage or deleting the master files rather quickly. Still, with any skill the EOS R5 will create professional videos that you can be proud of. It could easily work as someone's day-to-day camera. Maybe not for long flicks, but it can handle vlogging, short films, live events, and such.

Reel Media

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They're popular cameras, but they really get hot while filming with them. I'm always afraid that I'm doing damage to the camera and the memory card.


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I think it's the best Canon for still photography that I've used so far. It feels like a beast of a camera in my opinion, but its auto-focus capabilities deliver the best portraits I've ever taken. It takes amazing wildlife photos as well. I set the subject to "animals" and off I go.

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