Camouflaging mics


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Do you guys have any tips for camouflaging mics in a scene without hindering the audio quality? I'm struggling with this one and could use some help.


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It's pretty easy to hide a lapel mic behind the ear. However, it kind of depends on what kind of mic you're trying to hide and where your scene is taking place. Tell us that, and I might have a better answer for you.

Sweet Takes

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How big are the mics and what is the background? It is easy to tuck them many places so they won't be seen. Give us more information so we can help.


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Sorry for not giving more info to start with! The male actor is a skateboarder who is supposed to collapse onto the ground, give the camera a grin and recite a few lines. The problem I'm having is that he's shirtless. Maybe I could hook the mic behind his ear and tape it down his back? I guess I'll give that a try. I already attempted to hide mics among the grass and the audio is just too muffled. The actor has a deep voice and mumbles a bit, which doesn't help.

Vid Syd

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Would it help to put a shirt on him? Is him being shirtless of paramount importance? If you can't change the function of the mic, you have to change something else.

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