Biases in News Agencies


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Fake news is a concern, but so is misleading information or biases that would illustrate data in a distorted way. It's way better to scan news articles from different sites because of that. Although reports should serve as documentation, you can't deny that the agency's background influences some angles to change. How can you minimize biases, though?

Paul Stevens

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I think it should be illegal for news organizations to deliver infotainment at all. It should be strictly factual. CNN seems pretty factual, and so do my local news organizations. I just make sure to turn it off whenever they start up with opinion pieces. I've noticed that the FOX News website is totally different from their TV station news. It's much better quality material. I wonder why that is? There's no Tucker Carlson or any of that stuff.


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It does seem like there's more propaganda than there used to be. I saw that Newsweek got bought out by a right-wing propaganda machine. That was smart of them. Newsweek had a great reputation before that happened. I think news should just cover the facts. It's sad that we can't assume that there's no agenda.

Lily Stew

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CNN does seem to be a reputable organization, but even they can be biased on some issues. Whenever I would encounter news, I always check another source. It helps make sure that the information is aligned with what happened because delivery can definitely affect the content.

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