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Developing skills in photography is an exciting experience. However, it is easy to get lured into buying what a photographer doesn't need. Gradually, things start to fall into place. How long did it take to grasp your camera's manual settings? They include aspects like shutter speed, ISO, exposure, and aperture.


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It took me a while because it is something you grasp in one sitting. The best way to learn is while capturing photos, wherever this may be. Learning may look complicated in the beginning, but things get easier as one progresses.

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There is a definite learning curve here unless you're one of those people who seem to already know what they're doing the first time they pick up a camera.

Prodigies. Don't you just hate 'em? ;)


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It took me some time to get familiar with the settings, but gradually learning about them was fun. Experimenting was one of my ways to get familiar with the camera.


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You know it doesn't matter how long it takes, provided you're making steps each day to become a better photographer. Grasping the manual settings requires you to be actively taking photographs and experimenting with the various camera modes.


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Another look at "getting better" can be cultivating more ideas as you master the manual settings. It's not enough to know the technicalities, although it's an essential part of improving. I'm still trying to learn how I'll be able to apply these technicalities to create a concept.


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I hate to say it, but it took me a long time to get away from the presets. I was convinced I'd do it wrong if made manual adjustments I had to build up my confidence.

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