Bad Decisions

Len S

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We all make them. When I was much younger, I remember buying a camera that was promised to be an upgrade from its previous model. I was all happy with it until I showed someone my purchase. Turns out they owned that previous model that my camera was supposed to be upgraded from. It wasn't. My friend pointed some things out, and I realized I spent more on that model than on his, while they had the same capabilities.

What was your bad decision?


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I have made several bad decisions in my life! I try to only buy new equipment but I don't always buy the newest equipment. I can't really think of any horrible decision when it comes to photography. I guess I could say that I lost money on bad clients (ones that did not pay).

The Aire

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I made an adjustment on an old camera some 40 years ago, and it somehow took twice as many pictures as there were on the roll. The thing is, though, two snaps equated to one picture. I took 32 snaps (for example), and got 16 double photos. Yay, me.

Culture Shot

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A bad decision and a critical one at that was failing to include my best works in my portfolio. Having experienced this makes me realize how important it is to be organized because that's the only way you can show your potential to others.

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