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I ran across this page which has tons of great DIY backdrop ideas. The site is geared towards weddings, but the backdrops will fit anywhere. I really like the one with song lyrics and I'm going to add that one as an option for clients. It seems simple to make, but it also looks really creative.


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Those look pretty neat :) The one I liked the most was the one that looks like a chalkboard with the bride and groom names on it. I like that style.


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Oh those look amazing! I would love to be able to create backdrops like that, Like you said, they are geared towards weddings, but they can be used for so many things.

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Those are some cool ideas. I create films more than still images, but I'll come back to this one if I ever need a backdrop.


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I like the lyric idea. Maybe put a brighter font so you can see it better?

Words can be just as effective as anything else in terms of evoking emotion.


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These are creative ideas that any photographer can modify. They can also find use in portrait setups. Have you seen photographs that adopt different backdrop ideas in all their work?


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It seems like the backdrops themselves can give meaning to the photograph because of how well made it is. The themes also look like they can be applied to photo ops during other celebrations. It would be helpful to have this, especially if you usually cover events.

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What kind of a backdrop would you put on a website? Or theme, if you will. Backdrops add depth and character, so, in my opinion, should be well thought-out.


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The designs were nice and all, but the picture may turn out wrong if the models become overpowered by the background. It would be safer to choose a backdrop that will primarily complement the people.

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