Average Time?


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How long doe it take you on average to edit and produce a video without too many visual or special effects? A video of about 7 to 10 minutes takes me an hour on average. Do you think I am too slow or is it the normal time?


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I guess that would depend on the software you are using, and how much practice you have had. It takes me about the same time as you.


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Wow! It takes me much longer to edit and produce a 10-minute video. I guess it's because I am a bit of a perfectionist; which is something I am trying really hard to work on.


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I take a while editing videos that are even shorter than 7 minutes when voice recordings have to be matched with the clips. Sometimes it takes me a shorter time if I've already pictured the end result of the video prior to editing, otherwise, I kinda get lost in the process.

Paul Stevens

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It depends on how much they're paying. I've worked for some video mills in the past that paid the bare minimum. I did little to no editing on those. I shot it once and that was it.


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I spend ages on it. I'm never quite happy with the results and will spend endless time tweaking things and worrying about it. The only thing that stops me is the deadline.

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