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Is it just me or does anyone else have an issue when actors go from a television show to a movie. I spend time trying to figure out what they played in before. I miss part of the movie because I'm trying to figure it out.

Vid Syd

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I do that all the time. It's one of those "On the tip-of-my-tongue" things. I just let it go, though. I may or may not figure it out. lol


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I often watch movies and TV shows with a friend (he's my binging buddy), and we always pause a hundred times to check where we've seen that actor or actress before. Trust me, you're not alone 🤣


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I have a habit of researching the actors and their previous work prior to watching a show or a movie. It kind of gives me an idea of what to expect.


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It's not an issue when they did a great job at that television show because maybe the director found them capable. On the other hand, some get hired because of their looks. I love seeing familiar faces, though!

Markshot 12

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I'm old enough to remember when Tom Hanks did it. I don't have a problem with it as long as they don't hop back and forth between the two. That just makes it look like they don't know where they belong.

Lily Stew

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I always remember someone when they did an excellent performance in their previous project. I even get surprised sometimes, depending on the film's genre where I saw the person acting first.


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I'm glad that I'm not alone. I never pause the movie but that is a great idea!! I might start doing that, so I don't miss part of the movie.


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I usually pay attention to the casts of the movie. So, familiar faces lead me to watch something because someone I know is a part of the film. They seem to make the movie or series more enjoyable since I get to compare their other performances.

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