A Subconscious Choice?


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When you're touching up your photos, do you find that you seem to subconsciously take photos that have variations of the same color? Like....year after year you gravitate towards it without even realizing it?


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I think that every photographer's subconscious mind leads them in some direction. Every time I go through my collection of photos, there will be always one or two similar photos.

Paul Stevens

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I haven't noticed that phenomenon, but I could see it being a thing because humans are known to be creatures of habit. I try to edit my work sparingly.


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I've experienced taking similar photos that only have minimal differences. There would be some changes between the pictures but some details would remain the same.

Culture Shot

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For one though, I'd try using the same picture while editing it with different filters. I find it enjoyable to see the image from different perspectives because it is somehow my way of experimenting with my work.


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I think that it's largely unconscious. People touch up photos until they 'look right', often times without any consideration for why they are doing what they do, or why it works. I don't think that this is a bad method necessarily, but I like knowing the theory and the reasons behind why I'm doing what I'm doing to a certain image.


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I guess I could be doing that. It's hard to say since I'm fairly new to the field. It's something I need to be aware of for sure.

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