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The Aire

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Let's say someone has a travel blog. They travel by motorhome, bus, whatever and their visual content is all shot from inside looking out a window. Do you think that might get the blog more viewers?

Culture Shot

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If the content creator can reveal the beauty of places, it should be fine. Even leaving the viewers an impactful perspective will be enough. I don't think the destinations in travel blogs have to be expensive getaways for the blog to succeed.

Amanda Louise

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I think this would be a neat idea. A lot of my experiences of travel as a kid was looking out the window while my parents drove, so it would feel nostalgic for me.

Lily Stew

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It'll even be exciting if you have your vehicle. The blog will still be successful regardless if you use public transportation. Because aside from giving a local perspective, one will be able to show the smallest of details about the place.

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